Meet Sherita Janielle & Maria

Sherita Janielle

Sherita Janielle is a multifaceted lifestyle and luxury travel expert, a podcast host, an on-camera personality, and a creative entrepreneur. In 2014, Sherita introduced her site, “Busy Wife, Busy Life,” as the busy woman’s guide to food, fashion, and finance. Sherita embarked on a transformative journey, and reintroduced her site as “Modern Woman Agenda, the lifestyle destination for women over 30.

Her accomplishments extend well beyond her website, as she has graced the screens of over 50 commercial ads. She’s also made appearances on morning shows, expertly moderated corporate panels on covering a variety of business topics.

Sherita is a dedicated fitness enthusiast, has a deep love for cooking, and her appreciation of fine wines has made her a self-proclaimed sommelier. Since becoming happily divorced, she is a true dating aficionado. She fearlessly challenges societal stigmas and serves as an inspiration for women seeking to embrace their fullest potential.


Maria Pappas Braxton, the proud Greek-American podcast host who loves all things Greek, especially the music. Born in Detroit and raised in the burbs, Maria has over 30 years of experience as a teacher in Detroit Public Schools, making her an expert in education. In addition to her teaching career, she is also an Educational Consultant, teacher trainer, freelance writer, content creator, and editor for math, literacy, and STEM curriculum.

Maria has a passion for exploring new places and cultures, and she is particularly fond of all things related to animals. Her pets are her children, and she loves spending time with her life-long friends. Maria's adventurous spirit and sense of humor make her the life of the party, and she's always up for a good laugh with her friends.

When it comes to getting things done, Maria is the go-to person. If something needs to be done, she's the girl to call. She doesn't like to waste time and always makes the most of it. Maria is addicted to reality TV and loves both the dramas that make her cry and the comedies that make her unable to catch her breath.

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